We manufacture high precision after-market spares parts for the following Daikin compressor models

Daikin is a leading innovator and provider of advanced, high-quality air-conditioning solutions for residential, commercial and industrial applications. As World’s No. 1 Air-conditioning Company, Daikin is committed to delivering air-conditioning solutions that enhance the quality of life all around the world. A diverse multinational company, Daikin Industries Ltd. active in air-conditioning, chemicals and oil hydraulics, was established in 1924. With headquarters at Osaka, Japan, the Daikin family has more than 51,000 members, working across 60 production base units and 208 consolidated subsidiaries worldwide.

As the world’s sole manufacturer that develops a long line of products from refrigerants to air-conditioners, Daikin advocates comfortable living on the strength of advanced technologies. Daikin is present in USA, Europe and Russia, Middle East, Africa, Asia, Oceania and Middle-South America. We aim to serve our customers in each of these markets by providing optimal air-conditioning products.

The two most common types of compressors are positive displacement and dynamic. Positive displacement compressors use screws, sliding vanes, lobes, gears, or pistons for compression. Positive displacement compressors include reciprocating and rotary compressors.

From their earliest models to the futuristic designs of today, their commitment to innovation is the hallmark of Daikin.

The comprehensive range of Daikin products and services enables to provide innovative solutions to meet the specific needs of the customers. With sound technology and expertise developed over approximately a century, Daikin contributes to the betterment of people’s everyday lives.

 Marine air conditioning is a highly specialized area, in which Daikin is ideally placed to offer a dedicated service. Daikin provides innovative marine climate control solutions and support services to meet the needs of ship yards, ship owners and ship suppliers, via an extensive network of marine HVAC contractors and installation engineers. Daikin offers a wide selection of energy efficient marine heating and cooling solutions that include deck, galley, packaged, and compact condensing units complying with all relevant marine certification requirements.

75 SERIES – Type C4C 75, 6C 75, 8C 75, 4C 75L, 6C 75L, 8C 75L, 4C 75(2)-E, 6C 75(2)-E, 8C 75(2)-E
75 SERIES – Type HC4HC 75 2S, 4HC 75 2L, 6HC 75 2S, 6HC 75 2L, 8HC 75 2S, 8HC 75 2L, 6HC 75
55 SERIES – Type C4C 55, 6C 55, 4C 55(2), 6C 55(2), 8C 55(2), 4C 55(2)-E, 6C 55(2)-E, 8C 55(2)-E
55 SERIES – Type HC3HC 55, 4HC 55, 6HC 55
58 SERIES – Type C2C 58(2)-SE, 2C 58(2)-SE-F, 2C 58(2)-LE, 2C 58(2)-LE-CF
MC SERIES – Type 50MC 50, MC 50A, MC 50B
MC SERIES – Type 70MC 70C, MC 70H, MC 70HA
MC SERIES – Type 115MC 115, MC 115A, MC 115B, MC 115C
BH SERIES – Type BHBH 075, BH 100, BH 150, BH 425, BH 500, BH 575
BH SERIES – Type BB 100, B 150, B 275, B 325, B 425, B 475, B 575, B 625, B 950