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K-Nine Spares Pvt. Ltd. products do not need any specific introduction when it comes to the shaping up pristine or high-quality compressor parts.

We have been able to carve our niche in the local as well as global terrain because we have always prioritized ethical values. At the same time, we have exerted our industry knowledge to meet the requirements of our clients in flawless manner.

We are driven by the motto of quality leadership. We are aware that it is pretty essential for an incumbent to focus on streamlined quality control procedures to pave way to the enigmatic and enviable position of an industry leader. Therefore, it is our prime concern to come out with superior K-Nine Spares Pvt.Ltd. brand spare parts for Refrigeration & Air-conditioning Compressors as well as for Air compressors for various industry verticals. We are led by the vision that our clients do not have to suffer from low quality parts of compressors.

Manufacturer & Exporter of after market spare parts for Heating, Ventilating, Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Compressors.


Leading Manufacturer and Supplier after-market compressor parts for refrigeration, air conditioning & air compressor industries.

 ‘K9’ being the Manufacturer:

Any machinery which you use in your daily life needs replacement of some parts after a certain period of work so that it will run efficiently. If you are using a car or two-wheeler for commuting to your office, you need to replace the oil, filters & other parts as per the manufacturing company’s guidelines after certain kilometer readings. The timely replacement of oil and other parts ensures no/less break-down of the vehicle. However, if you have used genuine parts in your vehicle, you will be more relaxed, and rest assured about any break-down which may occur because of non-genuine parts.

Similarly, compressor parts should be changed after a period of operations to ensure your compressed air quality will not be affected and thus there will not be any adverse impact on the quality of the final product. While replacing the parts, it is always recommended to use genuine parts manufactured by K9 spares.

Genuine parts are manufactured by K9 to the same standards of OEM for your compressor. Our machine shop is equipped with the latest CNC machines, Balancing machines, in-line quality gates to generate records. Our assembly line is equipped with torque tools to deliver a precise range of torques and quality gates at various locations generate real time quality data. They have passed the same endurance tests and proven to be the best protection for your investment. The highest quality standard product are assembled under supervision of expert team in our lean assembly shop.

The use of K9 genuine parts brings the following benefits for your plant:
*Protect your investment from the poor performance of the equipment
*Reduce operating cost
*Lower the equipment downtime
*Need longer Service life of the equipment
*High operational reliability
*Decreased energy and oil consumption

As non-genuine parts are cheaply priced, you may tempt to buy those but in the end you will always end up losing more of your investment.

Whereas, the genuine spare parts of K9 do appear little bit expensive from non-genuine spare parts available in open market in the beginning, but on the longer run, they will prove much more cost-effective and gives you complete peace of mind.

+900 Customers

leading manufacturer and exporter

‘K9’ being the Supplier:

Customers often choose products based on their appearance, and then they suffer later due to downtime issues. Long-term performance is determined by the quality, construction and the compressor features. In this regard, we at ‘K9 Spares’ supplies compressors parts of the highest quality and made using the best materials available. Also ensure that the user is stocked with genuine compressor parts in case they need it. The objective of a gas compressor parts supplier is to increase the efficiency and reliability of the gas compressors. Compressor technology is continuously evolving, so ‘K9 Spares’ being the best gas compressor parts suppliers emphasize incorporating newer innovations into their products and systems.

We continuously strive for improved operational efficiency with a responsible use of resources. This includes continued improved production processes and the development of top-quality and highly efficient products and services for our customers.

Our vision is to become and remain First in Mind—First in Choice of our customers. Our mission is to achieve sustainable, profitable, inclusive growth. This means that we should continuously deliver profitable growth with an increased positive impact on society and the environment and by promoting diversity and inclusion. Inclusion is about providing everyone within our organization with support and inspiration to learn and grow. It also means that we include the perspective of different customers and society, when we create value.

Our professionals at K9 can simplify your work and help in selecting the compressor parts that is right for your preventive maintenance.

What makes us different?

We want to do things the right way and have clear standards for behavior in our business relationships. These help us ensure fair and ethical behavior and maintain our culture of respect and inclusion. Speed and agility are achieved through a decentralized leadership model with clear accountability, an outsourced production model, a flexible workforce, continuous scenario planning, and a transparent organization with solid financial follow-up.

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