We manufacture high precision after-market spares parts for the following Grasso compressor models:

RC 12E SERIESRC212E, RC312E, RC412E, RC612E, RC912E, RC1212E, RC2112E, RC3112E, RC7212E, RC8412E, RC9312E, RC10212E
RC 12 SERIESRC212, RC312, RC2112, RC412, RC3112, RC612, RC4212, RC5112, RC912, RC6312, RC1212, RC8412, RC7212, RC9312, RC10212
RC 11 SERIESRC211, RC311, RC2111, RC411, RC3111, RC511, RC611, RC4211, RC5111, RC911, RC6311, RC7211, RC1211, RC8411, RC9311, RC10211
K 110 SERIESK-20X110, K-30X110, K-10.01X110, K-20.01X110, K-20.10X110, K-40X110, K-30.01X110, K-30.10X110, K-60X110, K-40.20X110, K-50.10X110, K-90X110 , K-70.20X110, K-120X110, K-90.30X110, K-100.20X110, VV9, VV12
RC 9 SERIESRC29, RC49, RC69, RC219, RC429
KA 85 SERIESKA-20X85, KA-40X85, KA-60X85, KA-40.20X85
K 85 SERIESK-20X85, K-40X85, K-60X85, K-20X85
RC 10 SERIESRC210, RC310, RC410, RC610, RC810, RC2110, RC3110, RC4210, RC6210
RC 6 SERIESRC46, RC46W, RC66, RC66W, RC86, RC86W
AC 80 SERIESAC480, AC580, AC680, AC780, AC880, AC1080, AC1280, AC1480, AC1680
AC 80R SERIESAC480R, AC580R, AC680R, AC780R, AC860R, AC1080R, AC1280R, AC1680R
AC 70 SERIESAC470, AC570, AC670, AC770, AC870, AC1070, AC1270, AC1470, AC1670
SAC 70 SERIESSAC470, SAC570, SAC670, SAC770, SAC870, SAC1070, SAC1270
K20 X 70
We also manufacture spare parts as per custom specifications
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Connecting Rods
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Pistons and
Pistons Rings
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Cylinder Liners