Cylinder Liners & Blocks

Cylinders is also called as the liner or sleeve or simply as Cylinder Liners

In small compressors the cylinder is made by directly boring into the main body of the compressor, which is usually made up of cast iron.

In case of the large multi-cylinder compressors, the cylinder is made separately and it is fitted into the main body of the compressor. This type of cylinder is also called cylinder liner or sleeve.

In such compressors if any of the cylinders gets worn out or damaged, it can be replaced easily by the new liner, without having to replace the whole compressor.

Cylinder Liners and Blocks are made from centrifugally casted, shell casted with close grained cast iron. Cylinder liners are duly heat treated. Their bores are cross honned and diameters are properly ground finished to achieve the highest level of accuracy.

K9 branded Cylinder Liners and Blocks are the best choice for your compressor.